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Commercial & Private Intruder Alarms
What type of systems do we install?

We install a range of Intruder Alarm systems, including hard wired systems and wire-free systems.
We only recommend and install certain systems, those of which are tried and tested and suit each individuals personal needs. Scantronic is one of the biggest brand names on the market with exceptional performance and reliability in the intruder alarm field.

For clients who would like to add a whole range of sophisticated functions to their alarm system to make their every day a touch easier, we can most certainly recommend the Infinite wire-free intruder alarm system.

Infinite offers a comprehensive reliable intruder alarm solution that can be fitted with ease and minimum disruption to the customer's property.

Whilst infinites primary role is that of a sophisticated alarm system it's full capabilities can provide the end user with many functions that at last combine protecting the property with helpful features that will be used every day.

Why wire-free systems?

Many clients prefer the minimum disruption to their every day life and property - commercial or domestic.
For that reason, we tend to recommend wire-free systems to most of our clients who already have an established property where no renovating will be taking place in the near future.
When installing a hard wired intruder alarm system, cables have to be run from the main control panel to each individual sensor, door contact and bell box, throughout the property. It proves to be a difficult task when the client prefers no cables to be seen and no short term damage done in order to achieve this.

Therefore we would only install hard wired systems in establishments where renovation works are in progress, or when the client is happy with minimal damage done to the plaster work where channelling is needed, or floor boards to be lifted.

Scatronic 500r:



Scantronic 500r


The Scantronic 500r intruder alarm system has 7 Ancillary devices:

- Watch / Pendant Panic alarm
- Smoke detector
- 10m PIR detector
- Remote Keypad
- Remote setting device
- Vibration sensor
- Universal door contact
- 9-zone wire-free alarm system
- Can protect up to 8 areas of a building. The ninth zone if required can be programmed to be operated via personal attack and remote setting devices.
- Has 16 million different system codes to prevent radio interference from adjacent properties.
- Suitable for your home, office or shop and with the addition of a speech communicator, your premises can be monitored by family, friends, neighbors or company members, providing enhanced security to your 5-series alarm system and ensuring you peace of mind.
Infinite wireless intruder alarm system:
Infinite wire free intruder alarm system.

    -    32 wireless zones 
  • -    Fm based secure transmission 868mhz european standard 
  • -    Up to 8 keyfobs 
  • -    Up to 4 wirefree keypads 
  • -    Built-in LCD (2 row x 16 character) with user-friendly menu-driven interface
  • -    Compact stylish design 
  • -    Very loud internal siren - 85dB 
  • -    250m open field transmission range 
  • -    32 user codes 
  • -    Custom end-user descriptors for each user, zone, HA device and SMS message    
  • -    256 event log with time/date stamp 
  • -    Hardwire zone 
  • -    Full, Part, and Perimeter arming modes with separate Entry / Exit delays and Arm/Disarm tones 
  • -    Built-in sounder 
  • -    Built-in Two-Way-Audio including one-touch Service Call button 
  • -    Installer friendly utilities 
  • -    Automatic recognition of new system hardware 
  • -    Installer friendly utilities - transmitter signal strength, smart walk test, transmitter status list, -    Remote transmitter deletion 
  • -    European standard 868MHz     

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